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WordPress Hosting is as Easy as Choosing a Template

You have the ability of customizing the design of your WordPress hosting  experience.  WordPress is template driven for those who either don’t have the technical skill or the time necessary to manually generate a site.  Therefore, page generation is dynamic in nature.

After choosing a template, you can control the presentation by using WordPress’ Template Tags tool and Template Editor.  Each WordPress installation comes with a complete file editor to enable you to edit your templates as well as other WordPress related files directly within your browser.  Therefore, editing files by downloading and uploading them are virtually eliminated.  Template Tags make designing the information and content display easily accomplished.  Therefore, little technical knowledge is needed to use this application.

There are many themes available with WordPress.  You can create your own themes or choose one of WordPress’ ready-built themes or styles.  Functionality of your weblog through WordPress is gained by using plugins.  There is a vast number of user developed plug-ins available that will allow you to do virtually anything you want to with your blog.

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